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Project Novo - Prologue
Foreboding walls loomed over the city, cloaking it in shadows. Within the walls, crumpled newspapers, plastic bags, and dried leaves littered the ground and fluttered in the wind.  Shattered windows stared at broken doors, empty cars, and vacant houses. A layer of dirt and grime coated the city in gray. The world within the walls was as silent as a mausoleum. Not even the crows and ravens dared to feast here.
Silent figures moved quickly through the dead city streets, weapons raised. Their goals were simple: find survivors, and reclaim the city; but achieving that goal was much more difficult. This mission was a bit different though. They were to clear out the area, barricade it, and protect a research team that would arrive later. No one among them was exactly sure about why this location was so important. All they knew was that it could be a key to reviving the city. With luck, they would be able to accomplish their goals with minimal casualties and avoid any fighting. Unfortuna
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Where the Road Goes: Prologue
Jessica glared at the screen. The newest game, a very popular VRMMO named the Royal Road, required a capsule that cost about 9000 US dollars. Even worse, this didn’t include the shipping fees, installation, and the cost of the game, and it was a subscription based game. The monthly subscription fee was about 270 dollars. She would never be able to afford that. She was a college student for god’s sake! Sure she was on a scholarship, but that meant she had less time. She had grades to maintain. Even if she somehow scraped together that amount of money, she would never be able to get her money’s worth out of playing the game.
She resolutely closed the browser. No matter how good this game could be, it wasn’t worth that amount of money. She would put this crazy notion out of her head. Unfortunately, she was a gamer at heart, and this had been her dream: to play an actual virtual reality game. By the time such things would be affordable, she would probably have no mo
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RoyalRoad Emblem Submission Flower Set by Dlaeth RoyalRoad Emblem Submission Flower Set :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 0 3 Box Art by Dlaeth Box Art :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 0 0
Ben's Death
Organization Nova was destroyed, but some things were still left undone.
Ben's hand strayed up to the rough bandages around his head. He'd taken a nasty knock to the head in the showdown against Nova. Six and Gimie were elsewhere, he'd gone off on his own with the excuse that he needed a couple of hours to himself. It was true, though and that's all he focused on. He didn't need Gimie figuring everything out.
It was time to put Drake's ghost to rest.
Ben pulled a much battered and squashed pack of cigarettes from his sack and took a stolen lighter out of his pocket. He put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He closed his eyes and took a deep drag on the cigarette.
He set the pack down and stared at the blood splattered wall.
"You know Drake, I still don't know why you loved these. This stuff is nasty."
He took the cigarette and stuck it on the ground by a faint bloodstain like a stick of incense. He stared at it as if deep in thought.
After a long meditative silence Ben opened his mo
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The Clockwork Figurines
And so it continues
Over and over
Again and again
The same motions
The same words
Over and over
Again and again
The gears keep turning
Everything stays the same
No matter how much we try
Here we are again
Nothing changes
Like clockwork figurines
We follow the same patterns
over and over
again and again
We keep going through the same motions
Expecting something to change
Foolishly we hope
That this time will be different
The gears keep turning
Another cycle begins
The frustration builds
We want to break free
Everything repeats once again
Nothing changes
No matter what we say
It’s only words
We follow the same patterns
Over and over
Again and again
The cycle continues
It does not end
Time will always move implacably forward
Every step we take
We find ourselves back in the same place
Perhaps one day we’ll break free
In the end
I follow the same motions
Even though nothing will change
The yearning will remain
I want to be free
The gears turn
We follow the same motions
Over and
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Sunset by Dlaeth Sunset :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 1 0 ATEC Computer Imaging - Street Art Assignment by Dlaeth ATEC Computer Imaging - Street Art Assignment :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 0 0 ATEC Computer Imaging - Street Art Assignment 1 by Dlaeth ATEC Computer Imaging - Street Art Assignment 1 :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 0 0 Crate Texture by Dlaeth Crate Texture :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 0 0 In Love Sunrise Signature/Avatar Set by Dlaeth In Love Sunrise Signature/Avatar Set :icondlaeth:Dlaeth 0 0


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I just edit pics I get a hold of and write a bit and snap a few pictures. That's about it.


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